Review: Samsara Fleet - ELD, GPS & Fleet Management

A brief summary review of the Samsara Fleet, which is a suite of applications built on the Gateway device to provide ELD compliance, GPS tracking, smart dashcam and other solutions for the trucking industry.

We are working on a full review of the Samsara Fleet applications, which includes their ELD compliance solution, GPS fleet tracking technology for fleets of all sizes, their artificial intelligence dashboard cameras (dashcams), and a host of other useful applications.

Before we publish our full review, we want to highlight a few of the features and also read your thoughts on this innovative solution that has taken the trucking and other commercial vehicle industries by storm.

Samsara fleet is a total fleet management software that has everything a transportation company needs to manage their business from head to toe.

Samsara ELD

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Key Features of Samsara Fleet

ELD Compliance

Samsara GPS

The Samsara ELD device is fully FMCSA-Certified and comprises of a device that connects to your engine and transmits data to the Samsara cloud, which can then be accessed anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.

The driver simply needs to use the Samsara App on their smartphone or tablet to connect to the device and view their HOS status. The App is easy-to-use and the information displayed is in a large format, drivers can have a quick glance and get the information they want.

It incorporates WiFi, so the system can work in areas without cellular data coverage. Their service is a lot similar to those from other providers like KeepTruckin, Fleetmatics, and PeopleNet despite some differences.

Samsara ELD Features

  • DVIR
  • IFTA
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for display
  • Samsara App works on both Android and iOS devices (smartphones and tablets)
  • Real-time log transmission and access
  • Roadside inspections
  • Fuel monitoring and optimization
  • Dispatch optimization
  • Messaging (two-way)
  • Engine fault monitoring and a lot more

Samsara ELD Pricing

The cost of Samsara depends on the size of your fleet, type of vehicle, and the features you want (eg. GPS tracking, dash cams, routing, etc.).

Pricing starts at $129 per device (IoT Gateway) with a monthly subscription of $33. However, the cost will come down drastically when you buy in bulk. We suggest that you contact them via their website to get accurate and current pricing info.

GPS Tracking

Samara Fleet integrates GPS tracking to help you keep an eye on every one of your assets. This real-time tracking feature allows you to know the exact location of your assets across the business, which helps you streamline your operation.

The plug-and-play gateway device connects to the diagnostics port of your vehicle and should be installed and activated in less than 10 minutes. It communicates via a built-in WiFi hotspot, providing you with second-by-second location information of each asset in your fleet.

It allows you to keep an eye on what your drivers are doing in the field. You get an alert when there’s unusual activity, such as when the vehicle makes an unauthorized detour.

The Samsara gateway device gives you both ELD compliance and GPS tracking of your fleet. Gone are the days of keeping a manual logbook because of the introduction of the ELD mandate. The Samsara logbook can be edited by the driver or the office to correct errors.

Samsara Camera

This system is made up of a dual-facing camera you can mount on the dashboard or the inside of the windscreen. One side faces the road and the other faces the driver. The camera uses artificial intelligence to identify things on the road, such as road signs, pedestrians, other vehicles, and alerts the driver to them.

The side of the camera facing the driver monitors the driver and alerts them when they get distracted. It can recognize when a driver is using their phone or not paying attention to the road. It will then give the driver an audible reminder to focus on the road. Such incidents will be uploaded automatically to the cloud. The manager will then be alerted to review the incident. You can catch your driver’s bad behavior very quickly before it leads to accidents.

It can also monitor other vehicles on the road and alert drivers when they are driving too close to the vehicle in front of them. The intelligent camera can also detect when your driver rolls through a stop sign without making a complete stop.

The cameras can also detect and record your driver’s reckless driving behaviors, such as speeding, sudden acceleration and braking, hard turns, and crashes.

One important benefit of the Samsara camera system is that it can be used to protect your drivers from false claims. You can use the video to show that your driver was not at fault in an incident they are being sued for. The videos from the camera can also bolster your claims, and avoid expensive legal actions.

All videos are in high definition (HD) so you can clearly identify objects and details like a license plate.

Samsara Camera Pricing

The pricing for the camera system is a bit on the high side, but it can save you a lot of money, which justifies the price.

The price is $399 at the time of writing, plus an additional $600 for a yearly license. The license fee covers things like cloud storage, maintenance, cellular data, etc. You will get discounts on both the price of the camera and the license fee if you buy in bulk.

Our Final Thoughts

This has been a summary review of Samsara ELD and GPS tracking solutions. We will publish a comprehensive review once we finish putting it together.

In the meantime, we will love to read your reviews, so please share your experiences of using Samsara products and services with us by leaving a comment below

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