Review: PeopleNet Fleet Manager

The comprehensive fleet management solution with tons of useful tools that will help optimize all aspects of your business, save you money, and grow your profits.

The PeopleNet Fleet Manager is now owned by Trimble and is part of their transportation solutions program. The Fleet Manager is a software solution that provides end-to-end management of an entire fleet for companies with small or medium fleet size. It is a single solution that helps you manage every aspect of your business, such as orders, assets, and drivers.

The solution features a web and mobile app (works on tablets and smartphones) to help you manage your fleet from anywhere and anytime. The solution has features that help you streamline fuel consumption, keep track of your assets, plan and execute shipments, reduce and streamline administrative tasks, route planning, and efficient driver management.

PeopleNet Fleet Manager

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Complete solution that optimizes all aspects of your business


Complete solution that optimizes all aspects of your business

Overall Rating

Complete solution that optimizes all aspects of your business


  • Can be accessed from any smart device with an internet connection
  • Packed full of useful features
  • Easy to install and a user-friendly interface
  • Great customer support
  • Has everything you need to manage your business efficiently


  • Smaller fleets may find the cost a bit too prohibitive
  • Some users are not happy with the customer service
PeopleNet Fleet Manager

PeopleNet Fleet Manager works provide 360-degree visibility of your operation for companies of all sizes. It helps you optimize your operation to reduce costs and increase profits. It does this with a slew of features such as fuel management, reduced paperwork, automated processes that reduce administrative tasks, GPS tracking of your fleet, route planning, etc.

It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) system, which requires a subscription. Authorized users can log in to the system to access all the tools for the business.

 You will reap plenty of benefits for your business if you do decide to use the PeopleNet Fleet Management solution to run your transportation business. This review will give you a better overview of the product, so you can decide if it is for you or not.

Key Features of PeopleNet Fleet Manger

The biggest selling point for the PeopleNet Fleet Manager is that it provides a complete management solution for fleet owners. The features allow you to work smarter and have a complete real-time overview of your entire operation.

As a business owner, your primary goal is to keep costs down and maximize profit without compromising on quality, and PeopleNet’s solution helps you achieve just that with a slew of features. These features help you maximize your fleet’s performance by making better use of your equipment and personnel.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the most important features of the software. We take a detailed overview of each feature in a subsequent section of this page.

  • Analytics: Data is king in a 21st-century business, and you have access to a ton of it when using the Fleet Manager. You get analytics about driver retention, driver and vehicle performance, fault code monitoring, and fuel utilization to identify fuel theft… Learn more
  • Regulatory Compliance: Features like automated fuel tax, electronic DVIR, ELD device, and log auditing will make sure you stay on top of your regulatory compliance requirements … Learn more
  • Fleet and Driver Safety: Features like fatigue monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, vehicle, and asset tracking, speed monitoring, onboard events recording, dashcam integration, and safety analytics help you stay on top of driver and vehicle safety… Learn more
  • Route Management and In-Cab Navigation: These features help fleet managers reduce miles by picking the best possible route for the journey. Avoid truck prohibited routes, low bridges, roadworks, etc. In-cab GPS navigation means you never get to hear an “I got lost” excuse from your drivers when they make unauthorized detours. Real-time monitoring means you are alerted immediately when your driver deviates from the planned route… Learn more
  • Automated Workflow: This feature helps eliminate errors and paperwork.
  • Load Matching: Trimble uses the Kuebix load matching platform to help you fill your loads. Choose your preferred routes and get shown available loads.
  • Dispatch Management: Dispatchers can better plan load matching. Assign loads to the most suitable driver for the job using factors like HOS driving time remaining and location of the driver. The system will help you limit empty miles, increase the number of loads, and save time and money by automating processes.
  • Maintenance Management: Preventive maintenance scheduling streamlines the maintenance of your fleet to minimize downtime and keep more of your vehicles on the road.
  • Fuel Management: The system can optimize fuel usage for your vehicles and monitor fuel levels in the tank to prevent fuel theft. It combines with intelligent route planning to avoid unnecessary detours and roadblocks to reduce fuel consumption. Intelligent load scheduling reduces the time spent driving empty vehicles around, which also helps you save fuel.
  • Backoffice/Administration Management: Manage every aspect of your business administration using a slew of automated features. Book orders, pay bills, generate invoices, manage payroll, and manage other administrative tasks efficiently with the PeopleNet Fleet Manager… Highly customizable and automated reports allow you to manage driver and fleet safety, make risk assessments, evaluate driver performance, create training programs for drivers, and do so much more.
  • Driver Recruitment: Streamline your recruitment ads, view driver information, manage your driver terminations, create tasks and tests for recruits, etc

Our Review

The PeopleNet Fleet Manager is a full-featured software that helps you manage every aspect of your company’s operation, from order to delivery. The system is more suitable for operators of a commercial transport business with several vehicles and employees. However, operators of smaller fleets can also benefit from having this fleet management solution.

 The system features a GPS tracking feature, that accurately tracks all of your assets in real-time. It lets you know exactly where each of your vehicles is located at any given moment.

We love that you can use the software on computers and smart portable devices like a tablet or smartphone. It’s a cloud-based application, so you don’t have to worry about system crashing or loss of data. All you need is any device with internet access to get right back to operating your business.

We love the route planning, load scheduling, in-cab navigation, and safety control features of the PeopleNet Fleet Manager. All of this work together to make sure your loads are delivered more efficiently and as safely as possible, saving on fuel and time, which translates to increased earnings.

 The maintenance scheduling feature helps you eliminate unexpected breakdowns. The tire monitoring feature will monitor the tire pressure and tread depth of every vehicle and automatically create a report that alerts you to vehicles that need a tire change.

The system is very good at optimizing administrative tasks and reducing paperwork. Automated reports and filings will help you stay compliant with both in-state and out-of-state regulations. Tasks like invoicing, bill payments, inspection reports, fuel tax, payroll, and more administrative tasks can be automated.

Dispatchers get tools that allow them to assign loads to the best driver for the job. The system monitors every driver’s location, HOS status, and other factors in real-time and tells you which driver is best suited for a load. This smart load scheduling system will save you fuel, time, and money by reducing the time drivers drive around with an empty vehicle. It also reduces the distance drivers have to drive to pick up loads.

The initial cost is a bit on the high side, however, the benefits you get from using this fleet management system will pay for the cost thousands of times over. It is a worthy system to invest in because it streamlines your operation and optimizes every aspect of your business.

Let’s now take a detailed look at some of the features.

Features – Detailed Look

Dispatch Management

This dispatcher has a 360-degree overview of each vehicle in the fleet. The system gives the dispatcher the real-time location of each vehicle, which driver is driving that vehicle, their HOS status, and much more. It then uses this data to help the dispatcher assign loads more efficiently.

 The load is assigned to the driver that is in the most optimal position to pick it up. PeopleNet Fleet Manager optimizes the process of load acquisition to delivery, allowing you to accept only loads you can deliver on time and within your margin.

 Being able to deliver loads on time leads to happy clients and high ratings on rating platforms like Yelp. This increases your company’s reputation and the chance to win big long-term contracts.

 The dispatch feature of the software works well to streamline all of a dispatcher’s process to reduce costs and increase earnings.


The load scheduling module gives dispatchers a more efficient way of scheduling loads. Dispatchers can review real-time driver information, track the location of loads, issue advances to drivers, make check calls, and check on the status of orders.

The system optimizes schedules based on several factors to allow managers to quickly assign loads and get the job done as fast as possible.

The dispatcher can use the system to assign the fastest route for each load based on factors like traffic conditions, road surface conditions, and road works. PeopleNet Fleet Manager will help you avoid roads that do not allow commercial trucks, low bridges, and roads with ongoing roadworks. You will get real-time updates on changing conditions on the road and assign a better route as they become available. You can send re-routing information to the driver’s in-cab navigation on the fly and their new route will be updated automatically.

Messaging service allows the driver and dispatcher to communicate at any time. Drivers can send messages, upload pictures of their receipts, and view load information in the field.

Drivers can send a preset message back to dispatch once they deliver a load. The application allows drivers to take photos of receipts and send back to dispatch. Each photo or form contains metadata like job/order number, location, date, and time, to reduce administrative paperwork.

Dispatchers get automated scheduled reports to stay on top of their operation. You can also request and create reports whenever you need them.

GPS Tracking of Assets

The PeopleNet system features GPS tracking, which lets managers and dispatchers know the exact location of each vehicle in their fleet in real-time.

This allows you to keep track of vehicles on the road and those parked in the yard. You will be alerted when a driver makes an unauthorized detour from the planned route. Unauthorized detours can add miles to a trip and increase fuel consumption, so it is good to stay on top of things.

Unauthorized shortcuts through back roads can also damage vehicles and add unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment. GPS tracking helps you stay on top of any unauthorized use of vehicles and other company assets.

GPS tracking also helps you monitor the real-time location of each load on the road so you can accurately calculate and update the client with accurate ETAs (Expected time of arrivals). You get information on where your driver stops and how long they stopped for.

All the GPS tracking information will help the system and dispatcher run a smoother and more efficient load management.

Fuel Monitoring and Optimization

Any transport business owner or manager knows that fuel costs can be one of the biggest outgoings of the business. The PeopleNet Fleet Manager uses a slew of tools to help optimize fuel usage and reduce costs.

It does this by monitoring tanks to prevent fuel theft and smart load scheduling and route management to reduce fuel consumption.

It also employs other reports like idling time and driving styles to help optimize fuel usage.

Engine Idle Monitoring

Leaving the vehicle idling for a long period can affect fuel consumption negatively. It not only affects fuel usage but can also contribute to wear and tear of the engine and other vehicle parts.

The fleet manager can monitor idling time and create a report that can be used to train drivers to reduce idling time. Idling also contributes to pollution and climate change. Some states have introduced a maximum time you can leave your truck idling before turning the engine off.

You can create settings in the PeopleNet Fleet Manager that puts limits on idling times and send you an alert whenever a driver leaves their vehicle idling beyond your set limit. You can use this data to warn, reprimand, or educate drivers on their behaviors.

Fuel Level Monitoring

The fleet manager will monitor the amount of fuel in the tank of your vehicles to calculate reports like fuel efficiency. It also alerts the back office to possible incidents of fuel theft (by monitoring unexpected and sudden reduction in the quantity of fuel in the tank) for further investigation.

Driving Style

The way the vehicle is driven on the road can also affect fuel consumption negatively. Speeding and sudden acceleration are big culprits. The system monitors such events, so you can stamp them out.

IFTA reporting

The fleet manager can log all fuel purchases and help managers put a lid on unauthorized fuel purchases. They can also place a limit on fuel cards to prevent unauthorized use.

PeopleNet Fleet Manager can also calculate fuel taxes like the IFTA.

Driver and Staff Management

This module helps you manage all the employees of the company, including your drivers and support staff. It is a system that allows you to enter and access all kinds of information about your employees.

You can use this information to monitor staff performance, driver turnover, recruitments, creating performance incentives, etc.
You can enter any complaints about your drivers into this module and create reports that can be accessed anywhere. You can use this data to train drivers and improve their behavior

Regular driver training will improve their performance and reduce or eliminate accidents. This can save your fleet money and increase your profit margin. 

The PeopleNet Fleet Manager will monitor driving events like acceleration, lane surfing, and hard braking, and fast turns. This will let you know which drivers are driving with care and which are not. You can use data from your best-performing drivers to train your worst performing drivers. 

Maintenance Management Maintenance Management

The built-in preventive maintenance feature of the PeopleNet Fleet Manager will optimize your fleet’s maintenance schedules. It alerts you to upcoming issues before they occur so you can stay on top of things.


How much does the PeopleNet Fleet Manager costs? There is no public answer to this question as the company provides customized quotes for each company based on factors such as fleet-size and the features you want.

The best way to get pricing information is to contact PeopleNet through their various contact methods. Go to their website and start from there.

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Our Final Thoughts

Most owners of a transport company with multiple vehicles and drivers know the importance of a good fleet management solution in achieving a smooth business operation.

They can streamline your process, reduce administrative tasks, reduce millage on the road, improve load scheduling, increase fuel efficiency, and speed up all aspects of our business.

The Fleet Manager is there to ensure safety, protect your assets and drivers, and ultimately reduce costs and increase profit.

The PeopleNet Fleet Manager is one of the best in the industry and an excellent investment to make. It will pay for itself a million times over.

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