Review: Fleetmatics Reveal ELD Device

Now re-branded as Verizon Connect, this ELD solution is ideal for fleets of all sizes. It is affordable and comes with may beneficial features that help your operation run efficiently.

Fleetmatics is now Verizon Connect. Fleetmatics Reveal is a fleet management system with an integrated GPS tracking solution and an excellent tool for managing fleets of all sizes.

It gives owners and managers a comprehensive view of every aspect of their operation at any moment. The system is a web-based application, which means anyone with access to the internet can have access to it.

Fleetmatics Reveal allows managers to keep track of every asset and team member on your operation. You’ll get detailed maps that show you real-time locations of every vehicle, driver, and other mobile equipment.

fleatmatics reveal eld


  • Fully ELD compliant
  • Easy to install by user
  • Integrated front and rear cameras
  • Fleet management software
  • Featured-packed platform
  • Has all the tools you need to run your business


  • None we can think of

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The system can alert managers to adverse driving events like hard braking, unauthorized detours, speeding, HOS violations, sharp cornering, etc. You can use these events to coach your drivers and improve productivity and safety.

Dispatchers get real-time updates about the location and HOS status of their drivers so they can assign loads more efficiently

Fleetmatics Reveal gives drivers and managers access to the same dashboard, with role assignments limiting what each person can do. Managers can assign loads and drivers will get an instant alert on their mobile devices.

When drivers log into the system, they see detailed information about their assignments, including route plans, pickup, and expected drop-off times. They also have access to performance metrics and a scorecard that shows them how they’re performing in relation to other drivers.

Drivers also get a navigation system that guides them around traffic and other road obstacles to avoid clocking unnecessary miles. This feature will help reduce fuel usage and minimize tear and wear.

An intelligent dashcam records videos of harsh driving events – like near misses, speeding, hard braking, lane drifting, sharp cornering, and accidents – and make it available to managers in a few minutes. Managers can use these videos to improve safety, reduce risk, determine liability, and have supporting evidence during insurance claims.

Background of Fleetmatics Reveal

Fleetmatics is one of the leading companies in the vehicle tracking industry. They have years of experience in providing fleet management solutions to the trucking industry with millions of vehicles using their tracking technology.

Verizon took over the business in 2018 and re-branded Fleetmatics Reveal as Verizon Connect. So, you now have a global-giant backing an already reputable provider of GPS fleet management solutions.

Shoud You Use Fleetmatics Reveal For Your Business?

Fleetmatics Reveal is an ideal solution when you need to keep a comprehensive eye on every aspect of your fleet. You get this solution when you need to know near real-time location of every driver and vehicle in your fleet.

The software is cloud-based and can be accessed by any device with a browser and internet connection. You’ll need to sign up for a contract to gain access to the system. The cost of the contract depends on the size of your fleet and the features you want.

Verizon Connect (or Fleetmatics Reveal) produces a series of mobile Apps like the Reveal Manager, Reveal Driver, Reveal ELD Logbook, and Reveal Map, that help increase productivity.

Fleetmatics Reveal can help recover stolen assets swiftly by tracking their location. This system makes it easier for you to file insurance claims.

Fleetmatics Reveal is for you if you have multiple drivers assigned to driving the same vehicle. The driver ID feature lets you know which driver is driving a vehicle at any particular moment. The system works by utilizing a driver key fob that links to a key reader installed in the vehicle and identify which driver is driving the car in that instance. The system then logs all the driver’s activity for the trip, including aggressive acceleration, harsh braking, excessive idling, HOS status, and other telematics.

Fleetmatics is also for you when you need a system to help optimize your operation to eliminate wastage and increase productivity. Everything about the system is designed to help you run your fleet most efficiently. It’ll help cut down on fuel and administrative costs, save time, increase productivity, and maximize revenue.

Essentially, Fleetmatics is for operators who need a need to run a more efficient operation with a focus on reducing cost, increasing client satisfaction, saving time, and maximizing revenue and profit.

Comprehensive Fleet Tracking

You can monitor your entire fleet in real-time with Fleetmatics Reveal. This feature allows dispatchers to assign loads most efficiently. A messaging service allows you to send instant updates to drivers in the field.

The system also notifies you of future servicing tasks, so your fleet stays up-to-date on their regularly scheduled maintenance. You can set alerts based on engine time, mileage, or a prescheduled time. This feature helps reduce or eliminate costly vehicle breakdowns.

The fleet tracking feature of Fleetmatics can help plan your route to avoid obstacles like low bridges, traffic, one-way roads, other obstacles that may add unnecessary miles to the trip. This translates into saving on fuel costs and reducing tear and wear on your equipment.

Your drivers will deliver more loads with better routing and improved driving performance. Customers will be happy because they get their loads in time, you’re able to provide them with the exact status of their load when they ask.

Fleetmatics allows you to search back into historical data to get videos and logs of past incidents for coaching, insurance claims, and other useful purposes.

Fleetmatics Reveal (Verizon Connect) ELD

Verizon Connect ELD

Fleetmatics reveal ELD is now Verizon Connect ELD, a DOT-compliant device that helps you automatically comply with ELD mandate, Driver and Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs), and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) regulations.

The device links to the vehicle’s engines and uses an electronic logbook to record logs like HOS automatically.

However, the system is not only about compliance. It helps automates several administrative tasks like invoicing, creating reports for compliance, and other tasks that use up man-hours. Another benefit of the system is a reduction in the amount of paperwork needed.

The software resides on the driver’s smartphone, tablet, or company-issued mobile devices. Managers get a dashboard that receives real-time data about driver’s HOS status.

Fleetmatics ELD automatically records and updates the driver’s duty and HOS statuses. It also provides automatic audit reports and alerts you of any violations while also letting the driver know when they are about to violate their HOS. This automatic logging ensures zero errors and eliminates penalties.

The App integrates a smart detection paperless vehicle inspection, which ensures the driver carries out a thorough physical inspection of the vehicle before embarking on a trip. Drivers can sign, store, and customize DVIR compliance forms right in the App.

Features of the Fleetmatics ELD

  • Automatic HOS logging
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Automatic DVIRs
  • Easy IFTA reporting
  • Driver Workflow
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Routing
  • Safety, compliance, and maintenance alerts
  • Driver performance monitoring
  • Self-auditing
  • Historical data storage
  • Fleet management

Fleetmatics Reveal ELD Pricing

There are tiered pricing depending on the size of your fleet. Fleet owners can request customized quotes based on their desired features.

You usually pay a monthly subscription, which depends on the options you want. There’s also the option to buy their smartphone or tablet with a data plan and pay a monthly fee.

It isn’t straightforward to tell how much Fleetmatics Reveal will cost so your best option is to request a quote directly from Verizon Connect

The Fleetmatics Logbook

The Fleetmatics logbook is a companion App that can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet. It was built for customers that use Fleetmatics Reveal.

It allows managers and drivers to be compliant with regulations and reduce the need for time-wasting paperwork.

The Logbook App is available to download for iOS and Android device users.

Once you sign up for a Fleetmatics plan, you’ll receive a device that must be installed in the vehicle. You must have this device to use the Fleetmatics Logbook App. The device and App work together to ensure your operation complies fully with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and DOT regulations.

It allows fleet managers to have a complete overview of their operation at any moment. All the data logged will allow you to stay compliant and optimize your operation for maximum profit.

Final Thoughts

Fleetmatics Reveal is a complete GPS fleet management and tracking solution for fleets of all sizes. It gives managers a 360-degree view of their business at any given moment. You’ll know where every single one of your assets is located in near real-time.

The system will save drivers and administrators time by automating many tasks and removing the need for paperwork. Fleetmatics Reveal can help optimize your business to save money and increase revenue from the same resources.

Fleetmatics ELD will help you stay compliant with DOT and FMCSA regulations by automating HOS and RODS (Records of Services Status) logging and auditing. It will alert you to violations and notify the driver when they are about to hit their HOS limit. The ELD works with the Fleetmatics Logbook to ensure that you remain compliant.

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