ELD Short Haul Exemption – Hours of Service Compliance

The ELD Mandate offers a few exemptions, one of which is the short haul exemption. Short haul drivers always wonder how the mandate affects them, and we are here to answer your concerns. First of all, do you qualify?

The ELD final rule stipulates that drivers who do not need to keep RODS and, consequently, do not need to record HOS do not need to be ELD compliant. This exemption becomes void if you violate the rules more than 8 times in the last 30 days.

You will then be required to use an ELD to record your HOS until you comply with the exemption requirements over the next 30 days. This means you’ll need to comply with the ELD Mandate until you record fewer than 8 violations within the next 30 days on duty.

Who Meets the Short Haul Definition Under the ELD Rule?

The FMCSA lists a few qualities that a driver must meet to qualify for the definition of a short-haul driver. The driver must:

  • Drive in no more than a 100-mile radius from where the journey began.
  • Return to the same location you begun the journey within 12 hours of duty time
  • Log no more than 11 hours of driving time per completed trip.
  • Log 10 consecutive hours of off-duty time between consecutive shifts.
  • Make sure your time clock is functioning.

In conclusion, you meet the requirements for the short-haul exemption if your trip does not frequently exceed 100 miles, are under 12 hours per day, and you always return back to where you began your trip within 12 hours.

What happens when you lose your short-haul exemption status?

Drivers need to keep RODS and, therefore, use an ELD to log their hours when they violate the conditions of the short-haul exemption.

There is a 16-hour exemption rule, which allows you to be on-duty for 16 instead of 14 hours. Using this exemption does not affect your driving time. You still have to stick to the 11 hours driving limit. You’ll need to keep RODS when you use this 16-hour exemption. You’ll need to have started and ended your on-duty day at the same location for five consecutive workdays to qualify for the 16-hour exemption.

The 30-Minute Break

Some drivers in the trucking industry often wonder about the 30-minute break when they violate the rules of the short-haul exemption in the middle of their run. Here is some clarification of the rest break in such a situation:

  • Drivers need to use their 30-minute rest break before driving into their 8th hour if they violate any of the terms of the short-haul exemption before their 8th on-duty hour.
  • Drivers need to use their 30-minute break before entering their 14th on-duty hour if they violate the terms of the short-haul exemption after their 8th on-duty hour. They’ll then need to make a log entry explaining why the break was not taken before the 8th on-duty hour.

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