Review: BigRoad ELD Device

We like BigRoad ELD because it gives you full ELD compliance, the quality of the device, the user-friendly interface, and its many useful tools

The introduction of the ELD mandate has seen fleets scrambling to find the best ELD devices to help them comply with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) rule. We’ve already reviewed one of the best in the ever-popular KeepTruckin ELD device, and now we take a detailed look at BigRoad DashLink ELD solution.

You shouldn’t rush into buying an ELD device but only do so after careful consideration. Check out guide on the most important things to consider when buying an ELD device.

BigRoad Dashlink ELD


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • User-friendly App interface
  • Integrated messaging system
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Automated HOS and RODS logging
  • Document scanning


  • Limited features list

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Fleet operators and drivers of commercial vehicles will find the Big Road ELD solution to be an excellent way of ensuring complete regulatory compliance and operations optimization. BigRoad has a solid reputation for reliability and versatility. The device and companion App takes care of all your required logs and beyond.

An Overview of the BigRoad Dashlink ELD Device

BigRoad DashLink is a small device that plugs into the diagnostics port of your vehicle to record data from the engine. You don’t incur any upfront costs for the device. You can move the device from one vehicle to another and from one driver to another.

The device works with a companion app that is installed on a smartphone or tablet. Your drivers can use their own mobile devices or a company-supplied one. The App links to the device via Bluetooth and automatically records the driver’s HOS log and other telematics.

Automatic logging ensures accurate data. It can alert drivers when they are about to hit their HOS limits and also send notifications to the base office about any violations.

BigRoad ELD generates electronic compliance and inspection reports, hence, eliminating the need for paperwork.

The device and App solution do much more than just maintaining compliance. We’ll delve into the other features of the device in the BigRoad ELD review.

Why we Picked the BigRoad ELD as One of the Best Devices

This device is one of our favorites because of a few things.

  • It comes with no upfront device costs
  • It is very easy to install by the driver, which saves on installation costs
  • It is compliant with the ELD Mandate and Other FMCSA and DOT regulations
  • It has a user-friendly companion App that does not require further training
  • It can be used in multiple vehicles and shared among multiple drivers.
  • It comes with a lot of useful tools like messaging, vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, etc.
  • The device is tough and versatile and works in a wide range of temperatures.
  • BigRoad ELD complies with U.S.A and Canada HOS rule sets

These are the positives, but are there any negatives? This device provides complete compliance for all fleet sizes, but some large fleets may have needs that the BigRoad ELD might not meet. The largest fleets often require more advanced features like DVR tracking and notifications, Driver Workflow, IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting, smart dashcam, adverse driving incidence reporting, and a lot more, that this device does not offer.

However, small to medium-sized fleets may find that it has all the features they need to streamline their operation and remain compliant.

Why the BigRoad Dashlink ELD is the Perfect Solution for You

So why do we believe this device will make the perfect ELD mandate compliance solution? There are hundreds of offerings on the market today, so it can be difficult for managers and drivers to find the right solution.

We’ll take a look at a few of the reasons why we rate the BigRoad ELD solution so highly in the next few chapters.

Experience in the Market

BigRoad has years of experience in making logbook Apps, beginning with their first logging App for iOS devices in 2012.

The company has innovated over the years and amassed an army of satisfied drivers and fleet owners who use their product.

Customers can download the BigRoad App for iOS and Android devices for free. However, every member of your team needs to pay a monthly subscription to access logs and other data. Drivers need this account to allow the device to save their HOS logs.

You can use the logging App without the BigRoad device, but then you’ll be in violation of the ELD mandate, so you’ll definitely need to get the device, which has a separate monthly payment.

User-Friendly App

We’re obviously not the only fans of the BigRoad electronic logging App. Users of the App have given it excellent ratings on the Apple App Store and on Google Play Store. It has higher ratings compared to most of the competition and is one of the most popular electronic logging apps on either platform.

bigroad eld apps

This high rating can be attributed to the user-friendly interface and the zero to low training required to use the App.

The electronic logging app was around before the introduction of the ELD mandate, so most drivers are already familiar with how it works. BigRoad has added a device that connects to the car’s engine and sends HOS and other logs to the App to comply with the mandate.

Therefore, operators and drivers that need to switch to comply with the ELD mandate should consider picking the Big Road DashLink ELD as they may already be familiar with the App.

Users love the layout and how data is displayed on their mobile device. It displays only what the drivers need to know when driving, such as their HOS status.

Drivers can select their on-duty (driving), on-duty (non-driving), and off-duty status with a single button.

It is not strong in other features besides its core functions. It does have navigation and routing features, but we believe there are better options out there.

The App comes with a built-in internal messaging system that works well. Dispatchers can send updates to their drivers on the road and get feedback in seconds. Drivers and dispatchers can upload and send documents and photos to each other via the messaging system. The office can also request location checks from their drivers, and the drivers can send their location back to the office immediately.

Familiarity with the BigRoad App

The App was on the market long before the ELD mandate, so many drivers are already familiar with how to use it. This ELD provider added a device to use with the logging app for compliance with the ELD mandate.

The App is simple to use and shows information in large fonts for high visibility. You don’t need to pay for the App, but you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription to access its most useful features, including recording ELD-mandate-compliant logs.

You’ll need to pair the App with the ELD device via Bluetooth to automatically start logging your HOS. You’ll need a data plan to send data back to the office dashboard.

Fleet Manager’s Dashboard

Fleet managers get access to a web-based dashboard to help them manage their entire fleet. At first glance, the dashboard interface looks outdated, but it’s still very user-friendly. It provides the necessary tools to get an overview of all vehicles in the fleet.

Managers can see exactly where their vehicles are and the HOS status of every driver. This helps dispatchers to plan load assignments more efficiently.

Dispatchers can also use the built-in internal messaging system to communicate with drivers in the field. They can request and send documents, get reports, and logs.

Vehicle Inspection

The BigRoad App makes it easy to comply with inspections. You can print, email, or fax reports. Sign simple inspection forms to indicate the you’ve completed an inspection and add any images and comments.


The device is very easy to install. It comes with a cable that plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostics port via a 6 or 9-pin cable.

Drivers can use an adapter to connect the device if their vehicle has an incompatible diagnostics port. The companion electronic logging app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It is free to download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Most people already have a smartphone or tablet, so fleet managers do not need to purchase additional hardware. Drivers link their mobile device to the BigRoad ELD via Bluetooth and start seeing their log displayed in the App.


There is no upfront payment to get the BigRoad ELD device. There’s a $10 monthly charge per vehicle to use the device. You’ll then have to pay $15 per month per driver to use the companion electronic logging app.

This brings to total monthly cost per vehicle to use this ELD solution to about $25, which is relatively inexpensive.


BigRoad DashLink ELD is a simple device that will help your fleet meet the requirements of the ELD mandate. Its functions will go beyond just compliance and help you optimize your fleet for better revenue and profit.

We do not recommend this for very large fleets as there may be a few features missing. Although not a fancy device, the BigRoad ELD is one of the best devices for ELD compliance.

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